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Kimi and Salvo’s ChiTalian Wedding


For many of the guests who attended Kimi and Salvo’s wedding, the scene above is probably one of their first memory of the wedding.  As someone who had hung out with Kimi and the Salvo and their families the whole morning as well as the rehearsal the night before, I was still in total shock at how beautiful it was to see her parents walked their only child down the aisle.  For the out of town guests  that have not seen Kimi in a while, I cannot possibly imagine the pride and joy they must have felt.  I mean, I have been to a few weddings and it’s always fun because everyone is always so happy but to photograph some of the happiest moment in the life of a close friend, that is quite a surreal experience.

Oh and just before I go on, I have to mention that this wedding took place in Austin, TX not Connecticut, just so all of my friends in Connecticut don’t go asking where in CT is all of this lol.

So for everyone who was not able to attend the morning session at the hair salon, let me explain what happen:

DSC_1328This is very typical of Kimi, she always enjoy life to the fullest!  Even posed for me at 9:00 in the morning lol.  Oh and Kimi even brought dumplings for her hair stylist that morning.

DSC_1329Kimi with her Maid of Honor, Wen.  One thing about wedding guests is that you never know how far someone had travel to be there and it always fascinating to me where people come from.  Wen is one of Kimi’s roommates while they were in New York City.

DSC_1378Long story short, the hair is done and now we’re hanging out at home 🙂 These father/daughter moments are always my favorite to photograph.

DSC_1399Last minute DIY 🙂

DSC_1416I don’t really know if this method really work…..

DSC_1414You really get to catch a lot of beautiful moments during a wedding.


DSC_1465Kimi getting her make up done by one of her awesome friend in Austin.  This scene for some reason reminds me of Memoir of a Geisha lol.

DSC_1548Putting the veil on is a much scarier than it look.  You really have to commit to pushing the pin down even mean if it means scratching her head lol 🙂

DSC_1555Kimi and Dad.

DSC_3918Like I have said from the very beginning, even though I witnessed all the preparations leading up to the ceremony, I still cannot believe how beautiful everything was.

DSC_3932Salvo’s parents walking down the aisle to start the ceremony.

DSC_3951The Maid of Honor made her entrance.

DSC_3942Salvo with his Best Man and brother, Vincenzo  awaited patiently as the bride was about to make her entrance.

DSC_3978Similar to the first photo in the blog, this is the first time anyone really saw the bride in her wedding gown, including Salvo!  Even though I saw every single part of the process that morning, I was really stunned how beautiful she looked as she walked down the aisle.

DSC_1586Making vows with close friends and family as witnesses.

DSC_4141Mr. and Mrs. Galati!!!!!  Below are a few glamour photos of the couple just right after the ceremony.







DSC_1726Nicole, Kimi, and Wen.  Nicole flew down from Philadelphia to be there for the wedding.  I love it when I see people go so far to be there for their friends.  In a sense, a wedding is like a big family reunion and you want to have the photo commemorate the reunion.


DSC_1798The beginning of the receptions as guests are coming in.


DSC_1845Trouble makers 🙂

DSC_1942Salvo’s dad made a speech wishing the couple well.

DSC_1944I still remember Kimi’s speech almost exactly from that day since it just show the strength of her character.  She stated that (and I am paraphrasing) ever since both parents came over to the United States for the wedding, they have to deal with all kind of problems and frustrations associated with language barriers and therefore she did not feel that her guests should have the privilege of understanding everything; therefore the speeches would not translated into English.  If you think about it, it’s their son and daughter who are getting married, it’s our responsibility to understand them rather than the other way around.

DSC_1965And let’s be honest, you just cannot translate this kind of emotion from one language to another.  You don’t need to either.

DSC_2034Salvo’s best man and younger brother made a toast to the newly wedded couple in broken English 🙂 (I’m just kidding Vincenzo)


DSC_2055Wen said could not speak any English but she could read English just fine 🙂




















Kimi and Salvo’s wedding is so far the second wedding that I photographed for a friend and the experience is very very surreal.  Doing something that you love has always been fun and I am very fortunate to be able to do something that I love.  Doing something that you love for your love ones is a very neat experience.  As with all the wonderful couples that I have photographed, a heartfelt congratulation to Kimi and Salvo and I know that when they revisit their photo album from time to time, they will remember all those wonderful moments with friends and families from near and far as well those precious moments they shared with each other on that very very special day.





Sara’s Headshots


I first met Sara in 4th or 5th grade when I first came to the United States and attended Southwest Elementary School in Torrington, Connecticut.  Now that Sara is actor and singer and I am a photographer, our path crossed again as we get together for a headshot sessions for her upcoming shows and auditions.







Winter Portraits in New England

Winter Portraits in New England

By: Hoan Khai Trinh

When I travel down south, mostly to Texas, and I tell people that I am from Connecticut, everyone immediately think that I am in the Arctic region and that I must get to play Polar bears all day.  For the most part, I think Connecticut’s winters are fairly mild.  For one, we are not that far north, I mean we’re not in Canada yet.  Two, we are reasonably close to the coast  and the warm air from the Atlantic keep things pretty reasonable.  The natural light in the winter is just absolutely beautiful and soft even though it is very short lived; the empty and somewhat desolate landscape also make for interesting backgrounds that can only be had in…..well, winter!


My friend, Sarah, and her husband Jack came home to visit Connecticut for Christmas break so I met up with for a quick photo-shoot with Sarah in her dress uniform.  I saw photos of her dress online before the actual photo shoot but that dress looked a lot more amazing in real life.  Oh and this was in 35 degrees weather so they were brave and I was quick!


Yeah it was sunny but not very warm 🙂


I had a photoshoot with Tram right after Christmas!  It was around 40 degrees for this session so it is still a bit chilly but she looks beautiful……so it’s all good! 🙂


Rusty bridges and abandoned mill is one of the reason why I love New England!  It look really nice in photos!


Cold can be beautiful too!!


Yeah, sometimes you don’t want any leaves on those trees for your portrait, it could be very distracting.  In conclusion, winter is beautiful, stay warm everyone!! 🙂

A St. Clements Castle Wedding

A St. Clements Castle Wedding 

Special thanks to Cynthia Hauk from CYN PHOTO Wedding ( for taking me on as her second photographer to this very neat and unique wedding at St. Clements Castle.  Did I mentioned it was at a castle?  Cynthia asked for me to come along to help out during the ceremony as well as the reception since there are always a lot of  beautiful moments to capture.  One of the reason I love wedding photography is because it is fast pace photojournalism capturing years and years of memories between friends and families that can only be together completely for a few short hours.


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (


Copyright by Hoan Trinh for CYN PHOTO Wedding (

My Favorite New Feature in the Nikon D610 :)

The biggest difference between the Nikon D600 and the D610 is that you have the option to go “wireless” when it comes to charging your Nikon EN-EL 15 battery.  This is by far the biggest improvement that I can appreciate between the D600 and the D610 or any previous Nikon camera for that matter.   Having a cord around is just to cumbersome at time.  Everything else feel exactly…..well, the same :):)  All the photos below were taken by my now third string back up crop sensor camera, the Nikon D90 along with my new Nikon 85mm f1.8 and Nikon 24-70 f2.8 as well as  a couple of photos on my Nikon 50mm f1.8.








The Story Behind The Photo: Kimi&Salvo

The Story Behind The Photo: Kimi&Salvo

By: Hoan K. Trinh

Over the telephone:

Me: “Hey Kimi, since you’re getting married soon, you want to go around Austin for a little bit and get some bridal photos done while I am down here?” 

Kimi: “hahahahahahaha, NO!!! I DON’T WANT YOU TO WORK WHILE YOU’RE DOWN HERE!!  I mean, thank you for the offer, it’s very nice of you but I just want to hang out……..”

Me: “Yeah, I don’t want to work either…………………but can you wear something nice?”

Kimi: “hahaha, we’ll see”

* I live and work in Connecticut, but I was visiting family in Texas at the time.

I break photography down into two broad categories: one category of photography make a statement with regard to the subjects in the photograph, the other category preserve the memories that have pass through the interpretation of the photographer.  For example, a couple of years earlier, I went on a business trip with Kimi to Philadelphia.  It was our third time in the city over the course of 8 months.  Since Kimi was an international student from China, I thought it would be a great idea to do a series of portraits of her in Philadelphia to commemorate her time in the City of Brotherly Love.  Who knows when she will be back again?   Beside, her parents would be ecstatic to see photos of their daughter enjoying life in a city literally on the other side of the Earth.  Really, with just the simple idea that some mom and dad in China might really enjoy seeing their daughter who is far from home, that became my goal for  the photoshoot in Philadelphia.  You can see some of the photos in this post.

Fast forward a few years and the conversation above, even though Kimi do not want to spend time to do an actual photoshoot and she is right as we have a lot of catching up to do, I still wanted to captured at least one good photograph of her at her happiest moment.  Remember how I told her to wear something nice?  Yeah….you’ll see hahaha 🙂

P.S: To view the image in better detail, please click on the actual photo itself.

1003064_10101425846893281_1116608598_n (1)

Enjoying a drink at a local coffee shop.  That pink lemonade is actually mine, but it matched with her shirt so I let her borrow it 🙂


Pointing at random things that does not exist 🙂


Noticed how many photos we pull sitting still in one place?


Still didn’t go anywhere  🙂


The drink that Kimi stole from me, it kind of match her shirt 🙂


Then we went to see a World War II reenactment since it was Memorial Day.


One more with the Jeep.


Photo credit: Kimi Shao.  No other explanation necessary.


And then we saw this awesome wall that we had to take photo with, it was located right at her old apartment….


One more with the wall.


One “artsy” shot and that was it.  I think this whole thing took 15 minutes?  Definitely not the typical engagement photos and we probably need to redo this in a more formal settings but the moments are as genuine as they get 🙂

Moondeep and Krisha’s Engagement Session

Moondeep and Krisha’s Engagement Session

By: Hoan K. Trinh

Engagement sessions along with bridal portraits are some of the most beautiful and fun photographic experience that I have been apart of.  You always have two extremely happy (not to mention excited) people who are willing to play Hollywood with you for a few hour and let you push your artistic boundary as much as possible.   That, for a portrait photographer, is nirvana.

Now Moondeep and Krisha’s engagement session is even more special since it also include some traditional Nepalese clothing.  When Moondeep told me that Krisha would be wearing a Saree for the first part of the photo-shoot, I was quite ecstatic since it would be something very different and could look quite interesting with both modern architectures as well as more traditional settings.  With that in mind, we set off to the Wadworth Mansion, where Moondeep and Krisha will be married in November.


Note: If you clicked on the image, you will be able to see a higher resolution version.

Connecticut Engagement Photo12I always start out with a simple portrait,  both in composition and posing, just to get everyone relax, including myself lol. And sometime simple work out the best so it is a win win situation 🙂

Connecticut Engagement Photo8I love artificial lighting and use it quite a bit in my photography.  I mean I love natural light too when it is available, my final delivered images always includes some very diverse styles of photography.

Connecticut Engagement Photo9We stay with these trees for a little while, just to make sure that we get everything we needed.

Connecticut Engagement Photo11I love the catch lights in her eyes.

Connecticut Engagement Photo10The sun went away for exactly 5 seconds and voila….you get a fairly different image 🙂

Connecticut Engagement Photo7I don’t know why, but I really really really image.  If you can explain why you like something, you probably don’t like it that much 🙂

Connecticut Engagement Photo2Finally, we are out the wood 🙂  The Wadworth Mansion definitely has a very interesting facade to work with.

Connecticut Engagement Photo1We had a lot of jokes off camera, this one is on camera 🙂 lol

Connecticut Engagement Photo3I love the way she smile in this photo 🙂

Connecticut Engagement Photo4We decided to end the photo session at the beach with more “traditional” modern clothing 🙂

Connecticut Engagement Photo13 (2)One of the final images from the Connecticut shoreline 🙂 hehe



By: Hoan K. Trinh

A few favorite portraits of my cousin before he headed off to his junior prom.  Just another short year before he will be heading off to college!








4. A photo with Mom.

Getting Married In New York City!


By: Hoan K. Trinh

My good friend and in-house model, Chi,  got married last month in New York City.  I can still clearly remember a rather intriguing fact that she had called me earlier in the day but did not leave any messages on my phone.  I just sent quick text asking “hey sis, did you called me?”  or was my phone day dreaming?

She called me two minutes later and the first thing I heard was:  “I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!!!”  She was sooooooo excited when she said that I could barely made out what she was saying.  Now, who would leave that on a voicemail?

Chi told me that she would like to do the ceremony at New York City Hall as well as having bridal portraits done around different areas of the city.  And believe me, photographing in New York city always get interesting, in this case, it was almost pure craziness.  But it was an incredible experience, probably the most fun I had in a while!

Please click on the photos for higher resolution.


Entering City Hall to get married!  Okay okay, this actually not City Hall like so many other wedding photographers want you to believe.   As a matter of fact, you don’t get married at City Hall.  You get married at a government building that is down the street from City Hall.  For some strange reasons, none of the the taxi drivers know this so they will drop  you off at City Hall.   Also, this is the building next to the building that they got married in.  It just have a really nice stair case so all the photographers and their mothers go here for photos.   As a matter of fact, we took this photo after the ceremony 🙂


The atmosphere inside “city hall” is is incredible as literally hundred of couples are lining up to get married.  It’s like the happiest place in New York City.  Here is the bride’s parents taking photos of their daughter.


Like I said, happiest place in New York City!


I thought this  sequence was quite funny lol.


Runaway Bride 🙂


In the final waiting room, getting ready to go through with the ceremony.


Exchanging of the rings and there you go, the ceremony is over!


Now onto a few fun bridal portraits 🙂


I include a lot of trees in my photography 🙂


We redefined the definition of “fun” 🙂


I really like his watch, she gave it to him as present.  Oh and she made the bouquet herself!  She’s too talented!!  I thought it was fake flowers for the longest time too.


I think this is one of my favorite photos from the day.


Behind the scene of all of our shenanigans.  Chi’s mom came a long to help with  all the gears and the groom was carrying my lighting equipments for me.   What a fun way to spend a day in New York City and the weather was great too!!!





By: Hoan K. Trinh

Just a couple of photos after the last snow storm in Connecticut.  It snowed one day and then it was 45 degrees the next day, so it was the perfect time for some photos of Old Man Winter.


I am pretty sure a lot of places have old shacks like this one, but this remind me of the typical New England scene for some reasons.  The snow probably help a little.


The snow is melting!!!  Come on Spring!!!

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