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“The best gift you can give to anyone is the memories, it is also the best gift that you can give to yourself!”

And, that lady and gentlemen is why I love photography so much.  Oh and my name is Hoan K. Trinh, I am photographer in Connecticut specializing in portrait and wedding photography.  Why portrait and wedding?  Because that is where the best memories are made.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll photograph anything that move or doesn’t move, but I just have this obsession with human emotion that exist only in a split second. On this blog, I write about the various weddings and portrait projects that I have been on as well as some more casual vacation photos so you can have a peek into my life and passions.  I hope you enjoy some of the articles and stories that  are posted here and if you like to further review my work, please visit my portfolio at:  You can also follow me on facebook at HKT Photography.  Thank you so much for stopping by.





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