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Kimi&Salvo Engagement

Kimi&Salvo Engagement

You know, this is a strange blog to write because this particular blog is not really about the photos. But we are on a photography blog and we did spend a good 2.5 hours photographing this beautiful couple so I guess I better have something to show for it.   Usually, couples take engagement photos to commemorate a more innocent time in their relationship, perhaps to later show it to their children and say “See, we once were cool too!”

But for Kimi and Salvo, this experience is much more about the union of their families since both families have to travel so far to be there for them.  Being a good friend with both of them made me feel like we were just on a family outing taking photos together to memorialize our trip.   In a way, the photos doesn’t really matter, I was simply capturing my own memories.  Looking back at this set of photos make me miss them so much!

Just a note, because I flew in to Austin, TX from Connecticut on a Wednesday, we did this photo session on Thursday, two days prior to the wedding.  Clearly, if I were to live in Austin, we would have space it out better lol.  I was actually there when Salvo proposed to Kimi; well, I was there a couple of days later but you can see the photos from that “session” here.   It’s much more organic because NO ONE was prepared lol.

Special thanks to Laguna Gloria for letting us photographed on their beautiful ground and their staff were extremely helpful and friendly to us. Also, special thanks to Mount Bonnell for being only 500ft high as I wasn’t about to hike 4,000 feet to get a mountaintop finish photo 🙂

By the way, Kimi’s dad is also a photographer I am really glad he came along because he help out with all the lighting!

P.S Click on the individual photo for a higher resolution!



















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