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Winter Portraits in New England

Winter Portraits in New England

By: Hoan Khai Trinh

When I travel down south, mostly to Texas, and I tell people that I am from Connecticut, everyone immediately think that I am in the Arctic region and that I must get to play Polar bears all day.  For the most part, I think Connecticut’s winters are fairly mild.  For one, we are not that far north, I mean we’re not in Canada yet.  Two, we are reasonably close to the coast  and the warm air from the Atlantic keep things pretty reasonable.  The natural light in the winter is just absolutely beautiful and soft even though it is very short lived; the empty and somewhat desolate landscape also make for interesting backgrounds that can only be had in…..well, winter!


My friend, Sarah, and her husband Jack came home to visit Connecticut for Christmas break so I met up with for a quick photo-shoot with Sarah in her dress uniform.  I saw photos of her dress online before the actual photo shoot but that dress looked a lot more amazing in real life.  Oh and this was in 35 degrees weather so they were brave and I was quick!


Yeah it was sunny but not very warm 🙂


I had a photoshoot with Tram right after Christmas!  It was around 40 degrees for this session so it is still a bit chilly but she looks beautiful……so it’s all good! 🙂


Rusty bridges and abandoned mill is one of the reason why I love New England!  It look really nice in photos!


Cold can be beautiful too!!


Yeah, sometimes you don’t want any leaves on those trees for your portrait, it could be very distracting.  In conclusion, winter is beautiful, stay warm everyone!! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Winter Portraits in New England

  1. Beautiful photos! Gotta visit you someday and “order” some portrait shots for myself! I really don’t have any professional shot of myself to show off lol

  2. haha, thanks Miên! If you ever come to America, forget about the photos, I would love to show you around New York and Boston, America’s two greatest cities!!! :):) And I live in the middle of both of them (just a couple of hours away) !!!

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