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Đàn Tranh Portrait in the New England’s Autumn

I have always had an image in my head of musicians playing their musical instruments out and about in nature as a way to relax and enjoy some fresh air; somehow I thought it was a neat concept for a photo project.  Not being a musician myself, I am not sure how realistic or relaxing it really is to play your guitar or violin by a grand rapid or in the Amazon, but it’s the thought that count 🙂  For this particular project, we have a Vietnamese Đàn Tranh which is one of the main instruments most often associated with Vietnamese traditional music.  Given that the Đàn Tranh is strongly identify with traditional Vietnamese music, musicians often wear traditional Vietnamese áo dài for their performances.   What I find most interesting is that since the project was photographed during the peak of New England autumn, it has somewhat of a traditional New England’s vibe to it and while I believe that this setting compliment the traditional nature of the Đàn Tranh, this is certainly new territory for Vietnamese tradional music.  And no, we don’t have leaves falling all over the place and littering the countryside in Vietnam like the way we have it here in New England.

Special thanks to Chi for the beautiful modeling and more importantly for bringing back this beautiful instrument when she went to visit Vietnam quite a few years back.  Can you imagine walking around with this thing for a couple of days at various international airport?












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2 thoughts on “Đàn Tranh Portrait in the New England’s Autumn

  1. These are gorgeous!!! You are so gifted!

  2. thank you so much, Erika! 🙂

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