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Getting Married In New York City!


By: Hoan K. Trinh

My good friend and in-house model, Chi,  got married last month in New York City.  I can still clearly remember a rather intriguing fact that she had called me earlier in the day but did not leave any messages on my phone.  I just sent quick text asking “hey sis, did you called me?”  or was my phone day dreaming?

She called me two minutes later and the first thing I heard was:  “I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!!!”  She was sooooooo excited when she said that I could barely made out what she was saying.  Now, who would leave that on a voicemail?

Chi told me that she would like to do the ceremony at New York City Hall as well as having bridal portraits done around different areas of the city.  And believe me, photographing in New York city always get interesting, in this case, it was almost pure craziness.  But it was an incredible experience, probably the most fun I had in a while!

Please click on the photos for higher resolution.


Entering City Hall to get married!  Okay okay, this actually not City Hall like so many other wedding photographers want you to believe.   As a matter of fact, you don’t get married at City Hall.  You get married at a government building that is down the street from City Hall.  For some strange reasons, none of the the taxi drivers know this so they will drop  you off at City Hall.   Also, this is the building next to the building that they got married in.  It just have a really nice stair case so all the photographers and their mothers go here for photos.   As a matter of fact, we took this photo after the ceremony 🙂


The atmosphere inside “city hall” is is incredible as literally hundred of couples are lining up to get married.  It’s like the happiest place in New York City.  Here is the bride’s parents taking photos of their daughter.


Like I said, happiest place in New York City!


I thought this  sequence was quite funny lol.


Runaway Bride 🙂


In the final waiting room, getting ready to go through with the ceremony.


Exchanging of the rings and there you go, the ceremony is over!


Now onto a few fun bridal portraits 🙂


I include a lot of trees in my photography 🙂


We redefined the definition of “fun” 🙂


I really like his watch, she gave it to him as present.  Oh and she made the bouquet herself!  She’s too talented!!  I thought it was fake flowers for the longest time too.


I think this is one of my favorite photos from the day.


Behind the scene of all of our shenanigans.  Chi’s mom came a long to help with  all the gears and the groom was carrying my lighting equipments for me.   What a fun way to spend a day in New York City and the weather was great too!!!




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