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By: Hoan K. Trinh

Recently I  got a notification on Facebook that one of my close friend, Kimi, had mentioned me in one of her photos.  The message was short:

Hoàn I was thinking about you when I edited this picture! You know why? “


Copyright: Kimi Shao

My first reaction was “Wow, look at that symmetry and the color RED!” “Where is this building?”  But when I saw her comment and she asked if I know why she was thinking of me…….my first thought was of an old photograph I took when we were in Philadelphia together for work back in 2011.  Kimi really like the photo and actually asked for a copy.   So that was my guess, I mean, you can never tell for sure why someone is thinking of you, but that was the first thing that came to my mind.   Then I looked closer at her photo and I realized that it’s a photo of a courthouse so I thought perhaps she was thinking of me because I’m also an attorney?  I told her my two guesses and it turned out it was the photo that I had taken in Philadelphia back in 2011 that reminded her of me .  That photo was taken  back in 2011 and she’s still thinking about it? Wow, I have to say that’s a pretty cool feeling for a photographer!


That’s my image from Philadelphia in May of 2011.  I would have never guess  that these two images are related if she hasn’t say anything.  They’re quite different but I find it quite neat how these images  are linked together.


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  1. And both the picture and how you take this photo will stay in me forever, trust me. 🙂

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