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By: Hoan K. Trinh

Mooncake, I wish I can truly express my love for this thing in words but I can’t.  It is a delicacy of the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival and come in many different forms.  Unfortunately, I don’t really know what the Mid-Autumn Festival actually involved, I just love the mooncake.  This particular mooncake was made by Mom so this is not exactly a commercial photoshoot.  Aka, the mooncake still has to be eatable once I’m done with them.  Most food that is being photographed for an advertising campaign or other commercial works isn’t really eatable once the photographer is done with it… might look good in photographs, but definitely not eatable as the photographer put all kind of oil  on it to make things shiny (I heard of WD-40 before) and you wouldn’t want to know where the steamy smoke come from!

Here is my mom super delicious moon cake photographed right in our living room, after a few photos, we ate the thing which mean that it was impossible to continue the photo shoot without getting another one and my mother said: NO!

Mooncake and tea, I have never had them together, but it looks good for the camera so why not?

Yes, that a salted egg in the middle of green bean paste…..Vietnamese food tend to be heavy, even our snacks!

A closer inspection of the mooncake.  Like I have said before, we didn’t prep the moon cake in any way for the photoshoot so this is a good representative of what fresh a mooncake looks like.  You won’t able to get this kind freshness from mooncakes sold in the stores.


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