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By: Hoan K. Trinh

This post should be pretty self explanatory lol.  I am sure everyone can relate to a lake….or at the very least, people can relate water.  But yeah, had a great gathering with friends as well as meeting some new people.  Hope you enjoy the photos below, and more importantly, the commentaries that go along with them.

Everyone get happy when they go into a boat.  It’s an adventure, especially with the crew that we had that day.

We ran out of manly life jacket.

Yes, this the crew.  Not exactly JFK’s PT-109 quality.  But we’re far more adventurous to be around with.

The boat was actually pulling a couple of people behind on that big red thing, not sure what it’s called.  Hence some of the facial expressions in the photo above.

Now, if you put the previous two images together, you get something like this.  Yes, someone was waiving….and showing off the one hand hold at 30 mph (est).

Bringing the boat into shore…..the only time anyone was being reasonably serious.

That was our adventure this past weekend.  This dog is very gentle and she loves the water!


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