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By: Hoan K. Trinh

A recent portrait photoshoot with Halie in Hartford, Connecticut.  Here are some interesting photos I like to share.

Whenever I start a portraiture session, I almost start with simple a headshot.  It’s a good way to get a light reading on your model’s face.  Usually, I don’t opt to go for off camera lighting right away either but that sun made for such a  beautiful rim light that you just can’t resist.

This one is just natural light.  Also a little extra space in the framing for a more environmental look. No pun intended.

As both the model and I get more comfortable with the lighting set up and the photoshoot itself, we go for the more artistic shot.

 Sometimes, a portrait is used to simply portray a person as who they are. Sometimes, a portrait is use to portray a person’s dreams and  aspirations rather than what’s in reality.

A photoshoot with a Vietnamese girl almost always include an ao dai.  It is such an elegant dress.

Vietnamese ao dai with ancient European doors.  Interesting contrast, no?

Last photo of the day, a nice, fun, and easy photo with all natural light. She became really comfortable with posing by now too!


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