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By: Hoan K. Trinh

The University of Connecticut, more popularly known as UConn, is quite famous for its basketball programs.  I have been to different parts of the country and both the UConn men and women basketball team served well as conversation starters.  Since the UConn campus is tucked away in a small town known as Storrs , which I highly doubt anyone visit, I have to wonder what kind of images people think of when they think of UConn?  Some probably just see the faces of Geno Auriemma and Jim Calhoun in their heads when they think of UConn.  As an alumni of Uconn, these are some of the images of UConn that I have stuck in my head.

I took these photographs only a few nights ago, everyone was off for the summer so I had the campus to myself.   Well, a cop did stare me down as I pull out of a no parking zone.

I lived at the Towers Campus for the first three year of my undergraduate career.

Towers’ Dining Hall, the food was great here, but after four years, I certainly do not miss dining halls’ food.  However, the people that I spent so many lunches and dinners with are priceless.  Did not give much thought about it back then, but they would become lifetime friends later on.
 Can you read that?
Well, UConn IS a basketball school. Everyone plays basketball, including me, I specialized in HORSE 🙂 In my best 2 on 2 game, I managed to score 7 points out of the possible 15. Most of the time I just ran around randomly confusing the hell out of the defenders 🙂 The camera is set right on the 3 point line where I had a non-lethal .007% shooting percentage.  I never play much basketball until UConn, and hasn’t play much since.
The Fishbowl (our nickname for the round structure in the South Dining Hall) being lit up on the inside, I had countless dinners and breakfasts there with an equally countless amount of idiots. I apologized to all my lady friends for calling them idiots, however, the boys surely made up for that 🙂  I lived at this wonderful campus with all the friends that I made through out the years in my last year of college.  Now that was fun.
South Campus have three residential buildings.  This is South B, it is essentially the center of South.  Don’t have much memory with this actual building but I did have a group of 4 friends that lived together as suite mates and they were a fun bunch for sure.  Met up with them for dinner on most days.  I have always thought these walkways make for very interesting line in photography but I never had a chance to photograph it at night.  Why?  Umm, because I did not have a tripod during undergrad!

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