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By: Hoan K. Trinh

A friend of mine who had moved to Georgia decided he would be coming back to the great state of Connecticut for a total of three days so his son could be baptized in the family church.  I was like “hey, haven’t seen you in a long time….I’ll come along and grab some photos for you”.  Well, that was the gut reaction!  On closer examination, photographing a baptism does have its own set of challenges.

First, the lighting in a church is as usual…..not available.

Second, a baptism usually involved infant which mean you will have to strictly adhere to their sleeping and crying schedule when it comes to photo-shoot.

Third, a baptism is surprisingly short.  I haven’t been to a baptism in a long time and I don’t remember it being this short.  The whole thing was over in like 20 minutes so you kind of have to work fast.  I attended church with my friend family beforehand so I had a chance to get some other candid shots as well.  Of course you have have to try your best not to disturb anyone during the service….luckily, we sat way in the way back and out of site.  Speaking of disturbing people, the baby was crying the whole time and his older brother ran all over.  I have been to church and heard babies cried from time to time, but this is the first time that I can actually relate to it. LOL

The fun part of photographing an event like a baptism is you get to photograph a little kid in his finest hour (after the crying part) so that’s always neat.  I also know that mothers always treasure their children photos so it’s a very satisfying feeling at the end of the day.

So here is the one photo that I was specifically looking for (otherwise know as the money shot):

Everything else was pretty much standard family portrait type of photos, but I’ll include a couple of interesting candids here:


Look at those eyes!!!  And yes, Mommy was fanning herself, it actually does get that hot in Connecticut 🙂


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