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By: Hoan K. Trinh

I had a chance to visit the Yale Peabody Museum with my dad recently; this is my second time to the museum within weeks.  My first time to the museum, I was photographing an event for the Connecticut Public Health Association and I was essentially in shock when I saw that they had an actual dinosaur there.  I went home and told my dad about it and he was really interested in the dinosaurs so we went back.  There are a lot more to the Peabody museum than dinosaurs though, so make sure you schedule a few hours to tour the museum.

Dinosaurs came in at a lot of various sizes,  I was reading about one that was only 50lbs full grown.

Dad and the dinosaurs.

They managed to pull this thing out of the ground too.

I am not that interested  in archaeology but it still looks cool.

That would be a horse, not as exotic as the other stuff.

The history of food made up the other part of the first floor.  Early advertising at its finest!

Walking up to the second floor, some very interesting architectures.  Arches always amazed me.

The second floor of the museum is actually very small since it has to concede floor space to the ceiling of the first floor that has all the dinosaurs.  I almost vomit when editing this photo of this ugly guy.

Going up the third floor.

The third floor have a lot of nature stuffs.  It’s the museum of natural history right?


King Tut!  Or some impostor.  The ancient Egyptian section of the museum.

The machine that measure the radioactivity of rocks or something like that, I forget.  I am a visual person so I don’t spend that much time reading when I am in a museum, probably not a good thing.


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