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By: Hoan K. Trinh

Some photographers only use natural light in their photography and would cringe at the idea of using a flash, while others are more into studio type work where everything is artificially lit.  Well, sometime you can do both at once!! Well, sequentially, not both at the same time.

Natural light tend to give you a more, ahem, natural look.  In other words, you tend to have a more “innocent” interpretation of the scene.

When you have such beautiful natural light, why bother changing it?

The biggest problem with natural light is that  it is not always available in good quantity or quality.  It was getting dark so here come two flashes to the rescue.   The scene is pretty similar to that of the first photo above but the different lighting set up in this photo created a dramatically different mood.

This is similar to the second photo above, except for the artificial lighting setup and slightly turn toward road.  Again, different lighting set up created vastly differently moods.  Which style is better? Well, it’ll depend on who you ask, but I like to have a variety so I don’t get bore.


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