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By: Hoan K. Trinh

I had a chance to go down to New York City a few weeks ago, so I contacted a good friend in the city to see if we can meet up and catch up on each other.  One thing lead to another, we ended up talking about photography as well as different ideas we can try out.  I have to say, as a photographer,  it is great to have friends who are into modeling as they can very easily feed your creativity.  I think it is a very relaxing way to hang out with your friends too, especially if it is a lady.   Anyway, one of the landmarks that I particularly wanted to try to photograph on was the Brooklyn Bridge, just because…..I mean it is the Brooklyn Bridge!  The funny thing is, while I live relatively close to New York City in northwest Connecticut, and I had been to the city on many occasions, I have yet to visit the Brooklyn Bridge.  To make matter worst, my friend who lives in New York City also has never been on Brooklyn Bridge either.  Talk about experimenting.

Now, I did not go to New York City for a commission photo session or anything particularly serious, I was there to meet with another group of friends from Australia and Texas earlier in the day (You can check out those idiots in the article right below this one :).  So for this particular occasion, I only packed my old Nikon D40 with the Nikon 35mmf1.8 lens, and a flash as I definitely did not want to haul around all of my heavier lenses and light stands around the city, especially New York City where I was going to do a bit of walking.  We had a lot of fun messing around on the Brooklyn Bridge, there were a lot of traffic going back and forth making any kind of photography difficult, well maybe except for street photography.  But these kind of challenging conditions are always fun, but it’s probably not always worth it though.  It definitely did not help that we were doing this photoshoot  during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, but whatever.

Overall, it was quite fun and we got some interesting photos, but the next that we will photograph on the Brooklyn Bridge, we will have to do it at 3 o’clock in the morning or some other crazy hours, when there would be less traffic and allow for time and space to set up the right lighting equipment.  That would be more interesting, I think.

Ah, yes, the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.  See the white divider in the middle?  One side is for pedestrian, the other is for cyclists…..there wasn’t really enough for either though.

The Manhattan skyline was actually the other way, so why did we face this way?  Because the sun was shining this way, very soft light too.

The background is where the bridge is going to, Brooklyn.

I actually did not read what this sign says until I was editing the photo on the computer and zoom in on the image.  Maybe this is typical of photographers?

 The last photo of the night, this was around 8 o’clock.  It might look empty but it was far from empty.


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  1. LaineApine on said:

    This is a pretty cool experiment. And those shoes look pretty rad!

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