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By: Hoan K. Trinh

The title of this blog article is actually quite a misnomer.  First: not all of the characters in this blog are American, we have an Australian friend with us on this particular day.  Second and more importantly, none of us are IRISH.   Before I go on, I like to sincerely apologize to our Irish American community for this debacle, but rest assured that we did not meant any harm.  I hope everyone find this particular incident quite hilarious like we all did.

Let’s just cut to the chase with this story, me  and my three wonderful friends, all of Vietnamese descent, visited New York City on St. Patrick’s Day.  Of course, we wanted to get a glimpse of the parade.  Well, they did, I never really understood the concept of a parade but in the company of good friends, who really cares.  Unfortunately, a lot of the roads were blocked off for the parade which made navigating the city very difficult, even for pedestrians.  One of us have this brilliant idea of following a portion of the parade that was going to their designated area in order go through the roadblocks.  Well, next thing you know, we’re part of the parade itself…..

Not sure if you can completely tell that we were in a parade with this photo…..

But this is our view of the parade…..yeah

I think someone notice something was not completely right…..

We finally went up to a police officer to ask how to get out of the parade.  He asked us where we wanted to go.  Our reply: “We just want to get out” in an Australian accent.

An Irish Kiss… are some photos of the parade from the appropriate angle and viewing distance.

Kilts, the Vietnamese translation is váy.  If translate váy back into English, it’s skirt.  I believe that is called “lost in translation”.

A parade is not a parade without a band.

More band photo, I really like their white uniform.

Must be heavy.




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