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by Hoan K. Trinh

I recently had a chance to photograph a CPHA function at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, Connecticut. If anyone is not familiar with CPHA, CPHA stands for Connecticut Public Health Association. While the name of the association maybe straight forward enough, it is hard to fathom what they actually do just by the name. Essentially, CPHA members promote, advocate, educate, and work with local and state government on legislations concerning social issues related to public health. Some of the recent issues that they have work on are: mandating employers provide paid sick leave to employees, the banning of toxic chemicals from children products such cadmium, phthalates and other ingredients in plastics that are linked to serious health issues. You can find more information on CPHA work here. In short, there actually are people in Connecticut who really care about the health of the public, especially since CPHA is almost entirely make up of volunteers and the association does not receive any particular grant from the state.
This particular function that I photographed for CPHA is known as the Legislative Breakfast where members of CPHA had a chance to meet and greet members of the CT General Assembly and the Department of Public Health to discuss current public health issues and concerns that CPHA would like to address as well as a chance to speak about CPHA goals for 2012. At this particular Legislative Breakfast on February 24, 2012, there was the Connecticut Commissioner of Public Health Dr. Jewel Mullen, who spoke to various members of CPHA and was quite a delightful lady.

Kathy Lewis (middle), President Elect and Co-Chair of Advocacy Committee relax with other CPHA member before the guests arrived.

Kathi Traugh, CPHA president just arrived to the Legislative Breakfast after a long treacherous drive through a late season winter storm.

CPHA President, Kathi Traugh made a short speech with regard to CPHA goals in 2012.

Connecticut Public Health Commissioner, Dr. Jewel Mullen, second from the left, took a group photo with the board of director of CPHA

Member of the CPHA spoke with Connecticut Commissioner of Public Health, Dr. Jewel Mullen.

Connecticut Commissioner of Public Health Jewel Mullen spoke with legislators during the Legislative Breakfast.

Dr. Jewel Mullen shared a laugh with CPHA President, Kathi Traugh and President Elect, Kathy Lewis.

State Representative Prasad Srinivasan, who is also a practicing medical doctor from the 31st District in Glastonbury, spoke with members of CPHA during the 2012 Legislative Breakfast.

Overall, CPHA Legislative Breakfast was quite a fun and interesting event to photograph.  I will be also be photographing another function for CPHA on April 5, 2012 at the Yale Peabody of Natural History to celebrate National Public Health week.  If anyone is interested in joining the event, please visit CPHA website to register.


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