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Philadelphia: The City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia: The City of Brotherly Love

By: Hoan K. Trinh

I have been to Philadelphia for grand total of four times and it is one of my favorite cities to visit.  It carries the image of the big city with relative high skyscrapers and large promenades for pedestrians, but it is not crowded like New York City, Boston, or even smaller cities such as Washington D.C, St. Louis, or Pittsburgh.  Such attributes make Philadelphia a very beautiful city to photograph, mainly because you don’t get run over while standing there with the camera to your face.

That said, I have photographed in down town Philadelphia only once.  The first two times that I went to Philadelphia, I did not bring a camera with me since I am not the biggest fan of carrying a camera around in a strange city.  Yeah, not much street photography credit here.  Also, my first two trips to Philadelphia were very rushed and I just did not have time set aside for a photo walk of any kind.  The third time that I went to Philadelphia was an absolute charm, I brought my camera with me and I also had a bit of extra time to actually take photo walks around the city.  My photo walks were actually quite simple: walking from the train station to the hotel, from the hotel back to the train station to pick up a friend from work ( I took a really long detour though), from the train station back to the hotel, 30 minutes around the hotel with my friend,  and then from work back to the train station the next day to go home.  So yeah, the tour of Philadelphia that I am about to take you on is quite……..ummm touristy?

Like I said above, Philadelphia is one of the best city that I have visited, but unfortunately, most of my photos were taken on just one single street in Philadelphia.  That street would be Chestnut Street.  Why? Because that was the way to the hotel (refer to my photo walk reference above).

I love this skyline, it is not too crowded to be blocking the sun, yet it is not too spread out either!

I love how the two buildings provide significant contrast to each other, this is what make Philadelphia really unique in my eyes.

Someone painted the wall on one of the buildings on Chestnut Street.  Yes, we are still on Chestnut Street.  It is a very diverse street.

Someone tied her dog to the light post as she went into a local store.  This dog was so awesome, everyone came up to pet him,  he did not bark once!  This is the last photo I took before I went into my hotel to check in and rest up for a little bit before I went back to the station to pick up my friend and co-worker.

One of the first photos that I took  when I went back to the train station.  This time around, I pay attention to the other side of the street more.

I have no idea what this building is for but I like the pattern.  I hope you like the pattern too.  Otherwise, the photo would be quite….boring.

The Schuylkill River Trail apparently ran across Philadelphia and there was an entrance to it right from Chestnut Street so I jumped on it to see what going on.  I was hoping to go the whole way but then I saw the sign for Valley Forge!  Though, I did spend at least a couple hours on this trail.

A lot of interesting and beautiful sites along the trail.  A lot of wonderful contrast between the old and the new Philadelphia.

I simply cannot believe that there is a scene like this within walking distant of Philadelphia!!! Absolutely stunning!!!!

I did not realized this a the time, but it’s the Philadelphia Museum of Art.   Either way, the site was awesome, I wish I had time to cross the street and took and look around.

I saw this bench along the trail and I was like, you have to take a picture of this thing.  Pretty neat huh?

So the trail is nice and along this really big river, so that in itself is pretty cool!

I rushed back to the station to pick up my friend and colleague from work.

This is my good friend and colleague, Kimi, she  finally make an appearance in the article.  Naturally, this photo was taken on the way back to the hotel.  Back on Chestnut Street, she saw a PINK bench outside of this ice-creme shop and made a bee-line for it.  She said this photo reminded her of a “candy street”.  Make sense, the scene looks like it’s quite suitable for children.

This photo was taken by Kimi, using my camera.  All of us stop at Reading Terminal the next day to have lunch.  Technically, this is our boss, Tonya, but she treated us like little siblings so our business trip was kind of like a family vacation.  I mean who take a photo of their boss and then go tag it on Facebook?  Oh, we do!!!  For anyone who not realized that Reading Terminal is the place to go for Philadelphia Cheesesteak, it is really good.  They actually have a photo of President Barack Obama ordering cheesesteak from Reading Terminal at this cheesesteak stand.  And no, I do not have a photo of it.  Who would bring their camera to wait in line for food?  And no, I do not have an IPhone so that was not an option 🙂

After lunch, we walked back to our Amtrak station.  You cannot say not say no to a photo with the trolley car.

Goodbye Philadelphia, I shall be back!


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