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By: Hoan K. Trinh

This blog post is going to be a bit of a flash back.  No, I did not go hiking in New Hampshire in the middle of winter.  I have been to New Hampshire twice, once in 2010 and again in 2011.   Both times were during autumn where the sceneries were simply stunning.   In this post, I will concentrate on the 2011 trip since it is clearer in my mind.  It also help that I have more photos from the 2011 trip than the 2010 trips.  The 2010 trip was my first really long hike with a DSLR camera so I was extra careful with it which meant that I didn’t take it out of the bag very often.  By the time I went on the second New Hampshire hiking trip, I had went on a few other long hikes in between and was not so gearphobia.

So the trip to New Hampshire started with nice little detour to New York City to pick up a few fellow hikers who specialized in hiking the subway system.  We always joked that these poor friends of ours in NYC just never had a chance to see any kind of tree.   I have been to New York City many times but it is always exciting every time.  One of my good friend has just move away from the city not too long before this trip so going back to New York for reason other than visiting her was kind of neat too.

New York City is one of the crampest city that I have ever been to and scenes like this are not uncommon.  That is what make the city fun though, because in a sea of buildings, you won’t notice any one building twice.

One of the biggest differences between the 2010 and the 2011 trip is I did not have to drive which mean I can sit in the car and take all kind of pictures.   I took 300 nightscape photos from the front passenger seat that night.  This is one of the better ones.

I am not sure if you can tell, but this photo is actually posed, well, sort of.   We arrived at the vacation house in New Hampshire at 2 A.M.  Tu an Diem crawled out of bed to greet us.  Diem put her head down as she did not want her photo taken with that sleepy head so Tu posed for me.

Group photo bright and early after about 4 hours of interrupted sleep.  Everyone still look quite excited though.

Well, this kind of scenery would help.  All the ladies sitting in the back of the van were ooo and ahhhhhhing the whole time.

Taking photos on the fly could be quite a challenge especially when it was quite dark outside.  Shot at F4 and 1600 ISO would get me about 1/100 shutter speed.  1600 ISO on a D40 is not exactly ideal but you’ll be surprise how the file turned out.

An interesting view!!  I say interesting simply because you can only see this kind of view if you go on these long hard hikes, but I wouldn’t say that they are photographically the most pleasing.  Some of the best photos that I took during this trip was from the highway below.

Some real celebration,  it was about 0 degree F.  Can’t you tell it was quite cold?

I did not particularly enjoy this hike as I have quite a cramp like a quarter of the way through, probably because of the dehydration from the 7 hour of driving the day before, so I just couldn’t wait to get home.  I haven’t seen May and Mi for a while and this shot alone probably make the trip worth it 🙂

We had the highest number of Vietnamese women per square footage in the whole state of New Hampshire that night.

Full house!!!  Well almost 🙂

Driving to our second hiking destination on the second day.  Yes, this why New Hampshire is so awesome!!!

Second day of hiking, this river was the most interesting point of the hike.  Crossing with camera equipment make it super interesting.   Oh and since it was in October, the water is quite cold so you really wouldn’t want to fall in.

Like I said, some of the best photos were taken on the side of the highway.  Hiking is nice but walking on the highway might actually give you better photos.

A little photoshoot right outside our vacation home.  I don’t remember who came up with this idea but it’s quite hilarious.  Al of the shot below were taken on our return trip on the beautiful Kancamagus Highway.  Unfortunately, I don’t know how to pronounce that either, one of the best scenic drive I have been on.

Diem, who is like the little sister that got mad when an older photographer brother only takes photos of other beautiful women, finally got her chance 🙂 hahaha.

Shot in 2010

Same place, all grown up in 2011 🙂

We kind of took over a children playground.  I think the locals must have thought that all of us were overgrown children.

Umm 🙂

The two photos above would be the reason why you don’t want to mess with Vietnamese women 🙂

Toan eating a croissant…..the original photo is kind of boring, I mean just a guy eating croissant so I glamorized it with a contrasty black and white conversion.

Final photo with the White Mountains before we headed home.   This is what make New Hampshire truly awesome, if you want to hike the toughest mountain, you can.  If you want to drive and enjoy the scenery, that’s also cool.  Heck, if you go to a little playground with this kind of scenery in the background, that’s worth it too.


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  1. Wow! These are beautiful photos! And the scenery is really “ooo and ahhhhhh” – definitely I would overuse this expression if I were there haha. And well, big group is fun but can be troublesome too. As for me, I still prefer to keep my group around 6 or even better, less ;-). Seriously, just personal opinion right?

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