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By: Hoan K. Trinh

I had a chance to photograph some children lately, and I have to say that it was quite….interesting.  I mean, I have photographed a lot of interesting subjects, events, and people before but babies are just quite different.  First off, babies do whatever they want to do, especially when they are just a few months old.  They’ll sleep if they want and will wake up whenever, and then they’ll just cry whenever so you just have to work through it.  Another consideration is that  I don’t have a child of my own, so I am not particularly sharp on child handling techniques.  Therefore I tend not to re-position my little subject during a photoshoot.  This is especially true with young children who seem like their big aerodynamiclly challenged head would fall off every time I try to move anything.  At least one of the advantages of taking photos of young children is that they will look natural no matter what they are doing.  They can cry all they want and still look perfectly cute for photos.  I have yet to see an awkward looking baby photo.  So with that preamble, here are few baby shots that I was able to grab in the last couple of weeks.


Baby with eyes wide open looking into space, you won’t get more cooperation than this.


Unlike adult, baby look very cute when they are sleeping, so its perfectly okay to take picture of them while they are asleep.


Now, you always want to take  profile pictures of the newborn’s because all of the relatives from both sides of the family want to know who the baby looks like, but it’s moment like this that will stir emotions in later years.  Also, noticed how the baby still look cute even though she’s screaming on the top of her lung?  Turned out she made a mess in her diaper and needed a change.


Pointing at random and probably non-existing things in the space.


This is a different baby, she is 6 months old so she is a little bit older than the baby above who is only 2 weeks old in the first three photos and a month old in the last photo. So if anyone want to know how much a child a grow in a few short months, well, there you have it.  Look at those eyes! She stared into the camera too!!!  I think out of all the 40,000+ photos that I have taken since the beginning of time, this is by the far, the most intense stare that I have ever captured.


I am guessing that babies learned how to smile some time  between 1 month old and 6 month old. Can’t really go wrong with a smiling baby.  As a matter of fact, it is quite hard to wrong with a photo of anyone smiling.


Similar to a photo above, sometimes a photo that show the early bonds between a child and the parents or grandparents that will be treasure later on in life.  For me personally, I always find these moments more beautiful than the baby portraits themselves.


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